Recordings of Artur Schnabel’s Compositions

We are presenting just a few samples of the recorded compositions.

William Harvey, violin took great interest in Artur Schnabel as a composer.  In 2002, long before the violin solo sonata became available as printed volume he contacted the Artur Schnabel heirs and secured the permission to study and perform the piece.

Below are the interview William gave at WFMT followed by the five movements of the sonata.SonataForSoloViolin&WilliamHarvey

Opening interview on WFMT

1. Movement: Langsam, sehr frei und leidenschaftlich (Slow, very freely and passionately)

2. Movement: In kr├Ąftig-fr├Âhlichem Wanderschritt, durchweg sehr lebendig (In forceful lighthearted pace, throughout very lively)

3. Movement: Zart und anmutig durchaus ruhig (Tender and graceful, throughout calm)

4. Movement: ├äu├čerst rasch (Prestissimo)

5. Movement: Sehr langsame Halbe, mit feierlichstem Ausdruck, doch stets schlicht (Very slow halves, with solemn expression, but always simple)