Music Examples of Piano Duo Schnabel



Franz Schubert Polonaise in B-flat Major, Op. 75, No. 2, D. 599 for one piano four hands.  
If one had the good fortune of seeing and hearing the Schnabels in recital, the charm of these two, husband and wife, playing four hands on one piano, is unforgettable. They played with great musical authority. They played with elegance, with joy, and with humor. They played as one, and at times on one piano they achieved the dramatic effect of a full orchestra. They revived an art popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For
this art they inherited a literature far more extensive than the literature for two pianos, and they brought to it individually skilled and mature musicianship, fl avored with the warmth and excitement of their love for the music, for the piano and for each other.


Helen and Karl Ulrich Schnabel playing the Hungarian Dance No. 1 by¬† Johannes Brahms.¬† They performed the Hungarian Dances frequently, always delighting the audiences.¬† [From Town Hall Records THCD-77 – The Four-Hand Piano Recordings of the 1950’s.]


Helen and Karl Ulrich Schnabel performing “La Toupie” (the top) from “Jeux d’Enfants” by Bizet. From Town Hall Recodrs THCD-77 – The Four-Hand Piano recordings of the 1950’s.


Artur and Karl Ulrich Schnabel play Schubert Andantino varié in b minor