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SMF Hosted by Columbia Radio WKCR

Second segment of 37 min. The music selections are: Therese Behr with unknown accompanist on a private home recording of 1904. Starts at 13 min 45 sec. Duration 11 min. 45 sec. [not published] Therese Behr Schnabel accompanied by Artur … Continue reading

50 Years of Music – Original German Letters by the Schnabels

When Artur Schnabel moved to Berlin in 1900 he was eighteen years old and completely unknown.  and for both‚Äôs good fortune she made the acquaintance of Artur.  Therese Behr, a famous Lieder singer, was searching for a pianist/accompanist, and for … Continue reading

Karl Ulrich Schnabel’s Film of 1933 Restored

Newspaper review of the private showing of ¬†Karl Ulrich Schnabel’s film “The Cold Heart,” in Burgdorf, Switzerland. The front row in the photo shows from left: Margrit L√§ubli (famous Swiss Cabaret actress), Yvette Mottier, Lenka Bozonova Althaus; back row: ¬†Markus … Continue reading

Artur Schnabel’s Cadenzas for Mozart Piano Concertos K. 467, K. 482, K. 491, K. 503

The latest music publication by the Schnabel Music Foundation is about to hit the shelves: Pianist Sarah Cahill has written an introduction for the cadenzas. ¬† A recent Facebook post by Pianist and Radio host¬†James Irsay reads as follows: Today … Continue reading

Cello solo Sonata on CD by Sam Magill

Congratulations to Samuel Magill and Beth Levin for their new CD “Cello Music from Austria-Hungary” which includes a wonderful interpretation of Artur Schnabel’s Solo Cello Sonata. Read about the project here and order the CD from

Documentary “Artur Schnabel: No Place of Exile”

Please visit the website for a documentary about Artur Schnabel, composer and pianist.    

Resurrection of K.U. Schnabel’s Full-length Fairytale Film of 1933

Karl Ulrich Schnabel produced a full-length film “Das kalte Herz” (The Cold Heart), based on a fairytale by Wilhelm Hauff.¬† He wrote the screen play, directed, filmed, and edited the movie that featured family members and friends, mostly acting and … Continue reading

Upcoming Edition of Correspondence between Artur and Therese Schnabel

The correspondence between Artur and Therese Schnabel starts in 1900 when the still unknown pianist Artur Schnabel was hired to accompany the renowned and revered singer Therese Behr. The last letters from Therese Schnabel chronicle the crushing final days of … Continue reading

Allan Evans, our Advisor and new Project Coordinator

We are honored and pleased that Allan Evans, professor at Mannes College – the New School, New York, and director of the Arbiter of Cultural Traditions Company (reformed in 2002 from the former Arbiter Recording Company) has joined the Schnabel … Continue reading

Britta Matterne, our new Production Manager

Britta Matterne in front of Villa Ginetta, Tremezzo, Lake Como, September 2015, where the Schnabels lived from 1933 to 1938. Beginning in 2014 Britta Matterne has been working on preparing an edition of the correspondence between Artur and Therese Schnabel. … Continue reading