Resurrection of K.U. Schnabel’s Full-length Fairytale Film of 1933

Karl Ulrich Schnabel produced a full-length film “Das kalte Herz” (The Cold Heart), based on a fairytale by Wilhelm Hauff.¬† He wrote the screen play, directed, filmed, and edited the movie that featured family members and friends, mostly acting and music students in Berlin. The main character was played by Franz Schnyder, a Swiss actor at the beginning of his professional career. A young Swiss filmmaker, Raff Fluri, discovered a copy of the film on VHS cassette in the archive of Franz Schnyder who had become a successful film director. ¬†¬†
Karl Ulrich Schnabel filming sequence in his film "Das Kalte Herz" (Cold Heart)

Karl Ulrich Schnabel filming sequence in his film “Das Kalte Herz” (Cold Heart)

After researching the history of the film Raff contacted The Schnabel Music Foundation hoping that the family of K.U. Schnabel might be able to shed some light on the background of this movie.  In 2015 the film was digitized and restored. The renowned composer and sound producer for old silent movies, Robert Israel, created the sound track for the Cold Heart.  The premiere will take place in 2016.

More on the history of this film project can be found, in German, at this web site: here.  
For English use this link.

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