Sarah Cahill hosted the Schnabel Music Foundation on KALW radio on February 24, 2019

Sarah Cahill in the KALW studio.

On Sunday February 24, 2019 Sarah Cahill received Ann and Fran√ßois Mottier for the yearly two hour radio show on the San Francisco radio station KALW.  This show was focused on Karl Ulrich Schnabel to draw attention to the US Premiere of his 1933 film Das Kalte Herz (The Cold Heart) at UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive [BAMPFA] on March 2.

Below is the recording of the show divided into three segments.  The source of the musical selections are CDs issued by the Schnabel Music Foundation through TownHall Records as shown below.

Segment 1 features

  1. Helen and Karl Ulrich Schnabel in the Mendelssohn Allegro Brillant [THCD-77]
  2. K.U. Schnabel playing Beethoven Op. 109 Piano Sonata [THCD-68]

Segment 2 features:

  1. Talk about relationship and approach to musical interpretation between Artur and Karl Ulrich Schnabel (about 10 minutes)
  2. Helen and Karl Ulrich Schnabel in 4-hand recording of Debussy: Six Epigraphs [THCD-76]

Segment 3 features:

  1. Talk about Karl Ulrich Schnabel and his silent film The Cold Heart
  2. Karl Ulrich Schnabel and Leonard Shure at two pianos Chopin Rondo in C Major, [THCD-58]. Start at 14 min 39 sec.

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