SMF Hosted by Columbia Radio WKCR

Radio host Teri Noel Towe welcomed Ann Schnabel Mottier, Fran√ßois Mottier and Britta Matterne for a three hour radio show entitled ‚ÄúAll Things Schnabel.‚ÄĚ

Most of the featured music selections have been taken from CDs published by the Schnabel Music Foundation in cooperation with TownHall Records. Where appropriate the CD label [THCD-XY] is shown in the listing.  

Photo at Columbia University Radio: Left to Right: Britta Matterne (Production manager SMF), Ann Schnabel Mottier, Teri Noel Towe (Radio Host.) Photo Francois Mottier getting ready for the radio show "All Things Schnabel" March 18, 2019.
L to R: Britta Matterne, Ann Schnabel Mottier, Teri Noel Towe, Radio Host at WKCR Columbia University Radio, New York, NY.
A selection of 8 CDs produced by the Schnabel Music Foundation, ready to be used for the radio show at WKCR.
A selection of 8 CDs produced by the Schnabel Music Foundation, ready to be used for the radio show at WKCR.

Below are four segments representing the complete broadcast. 

The first segment of 52 minutes contains:

  1. Artur Schnabel in concert at Carnegie Hall with the Mozart piano concerto #27, Leon Barzin conducting the National Orchestra Association, March 1939 (32 min) [THCD-74]
  2. Claude Mottier recorded during his senior recital at Hartt School of Music presenting the Bartòk Suite Opus 14. Start at 41 min; [not published]

Second segment of 37 min. The music selections are:

  1. Therese Behr with unknown accompanist on a private home recording of 1904. Starts at 13 min 45 sec. Duration 11 min. 45 sec. [not published]
  2. Therese Behr Schnabel accompanied by Artur Schnabel in 1937: Der Erlkönig. Start at 31 min. 20 sec. [Arabesque Z6574]

Third segment of 31 min. The selections are:

  1. K.U. Schnabel and Helen Schnabel: Mendelssohn Allegro Brillant, Op. 92. Start at 1 min 14 sec. Duration 7 min 11 sec. [THCD-77B]
  2. K.U. Schnabel: Mozart Andante K.V. 616 Start at 14 min 18 sec. Duration 9 min. 27 sec. [THCD-68]

Fourth segment of 32 min.

  1. Helen Schnabel: Malipiero Poemi Asolani. Start at 31 min. 56 sec. duration 6 min. [THCD-66]
  2. Helen Schnabel: Artur Schnabel’s Seven Pieces for Piano (1947) Start at 42 min 41 sec. Duration 12 min. 50 sec. [THCD-65]

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