Discography of  Compositions by Artur Schnabel

(List of historic sound recordings of Artur Schnabel follow below this discography.)

Some samples of covers on CDs with compositions by Artur Schnabel.

Some samples of covers on CDs with compositions by Artur Schnabel.

Artur Schnabel Complete Vocal Works; Sara Couden, Contralto/Jenny Lin, Piano. Steinway and Sons 2022

Complete Piano Music, Schnabel: Jenny Lin, Piano. (download or double CD)

Sonata for Solo Violin. William Harvey, Violin. (CD: CENTAUR CRC 3678): Schnabel & Schubert: William Harvey & Frederic Chiu:

Piano Quintet; Piano Sonata; Songs. Pellegrini Quartet; Irmela Roelcke, Piano; Sibylle Kamphues, Alto. (CD: CPO 777 471-2)

String Quartet No. 5; Piano Trio; Seven Piano Pieces. Pellegrini Quartet; Ravinia Trio; Benedikt Koehlen, Piano. (CD: Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Köln/cpo 999 881-2)

String Quartet No. 1; Notturno. The Pellegrini Quartet; Noa Frenkel, Alto; Irmela Roelcke, Piano. (CD: CPO 777 622-2)

Sonata for Cello Solo. Samuel Magill, Cello. (on: Cello Music from Austria-Hungary, CD: Navona Records B01A9YVQBS)

Sonata for Cello Solo. Christina Meissner, Cello. (CD HOROS 10308)

String Trio; Sonata for Cello Solo. Ensemble Recherche. Melise Mellinger, Violin. Barbara Maurer, Viola. Lucas Fels, Cello. (CD: Deutschlandradio Kultur, Beth Hatefutsoth Records BTR0702)

String Quartet No. 1; String Quartet No. 4; Sonata for Cello. The Whitman String Quartet; A New York City Free-Lance String Quartet; Joel Krosnick, Cello. (CD: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 115/116)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Seven Piano Pieces, Reverie, Songs. “Helen Schnabel Plays Artur Schnabel”: Helen Schnabel, Piano; F. Charles Adler, Conductor, Vienna Orchestra; Erika Francoulon, Soprano. (CD: TownHall Records  THCD-65)

Dance and Secret & Joy and Peace; Sonata for Solo Violin. The Gregg Smith Singers; Gregg Smith, artistic director. A New York City Free-Lance Orchestra. Paul Zukofsky (§), conductor and violinist. (CD: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 110)

Notturno. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau with Aribert Reimann, Piano. (CD: Orfeo C390 951 B)

Dance Suite; Seven Piano Pieces: Donald Isler, Piano. (CD Kasp Records  57571)

Dance Suite; Piano Sonata. Geoffrey Tozer, Piano. (CD: Chandos Digital, CHAN 9673)

Piano Piece in Seven Movementes; Piano Sonata. Benedikt Koehlen, Piano. (CD: Digital recordings Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Auvidis Montaigne, MO 782053)

Sonata for Solo Violin; Sonata for Violin and Piano. Christian Tetzlaff, Violin. Stefan Litwin, Piano. (CD: Arte Nova Classics, 74321 27798 2)

Sonata for Violin and Piano; Morton Feldman: Spring of Chosroes. Paul Zukofsky (§), violin. Ursula Oppens, piano. (LP: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 8)

Sonata for Solo Violin. Paul Zukofsky (§), Violin. (LP: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 14)

String Quartet No. 3. La Salle Quartet. (CD: Deutsche Grammophon 423 109-2)

Symphony No. 2. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Zukofsky (§). (CD: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 104)

Symphonies 1 & 3. The BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Zukofsky (§). (CD: Musical Observations, Inc., Cp 109)

Symphony No. 1 with spoken introduction by Dimitri Mitropoulos. Frederick Piket: Curtain Raiser to an American Play. Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos. (CD: Nickson Records, PI-04/2000-3)


(§) Paul Zukofsky (1943 – 2017) has devoted more time and effort until 2002 to Artur Schnabel’s music than any musician we know of. His reputation as a premier Schnabel interpreter and scholar is firmly established.


Discography of Historic Sound Recordings by the Pianist Artur Schnabel

Discography of original Artur Schnabel Recordings and reissues

Label on the Brahms Piano Concerto disk with Artur Schnabel and Georg Szell

The most complete discography of recordings played by Artur Schnabel from the very early piano rolls has been assembled by David Bloesch(*).  This discography also covers many remastered issues of 78 RPM disks issued as LPs and CDs. The Schnabel Music Foundation is very grateful for the permission to reproduce this discography here.  Click here to view the David Bloesch discography of Artur Schnabel Recordings.
(*) Reference for the David Bloesch discography:
‘Artur Schnabel: A Discography,’ by David Bloesch, first appeared in the ARSC Journal (of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections), 1986;18(1-3):33-143. and is reprinted with the permission of editor of the ARSC Journal. For information about ARSC: www.ARSC-audio.org.