Selected Papers by Claude Mottier in Linguistics

The Structure of Improvised Jazz
A linguistic’s and musician’s view of the structure underlying the free improvisation of jazz.

How to do Linguistics
The following is a meta-theoretic exercise; the reader is advised not to expect a how-to guide.The author feels confident all will surely agree that “How to Figure Out How to do Linguistics” would have been a damn stupid title. (Claude Mottier)

Reaction to Hornstein (1990), As Time Goes By
…Colorless green ideas slept tomorrow! Adverbial modification of tense cannot lead to syntactic deviance. Hornstein (1990) offers the following acceptability judgments for temporal adverbial modification of the English non-perfect tenses (p.16). (Claude Mottier)

Austin’s Quartet?
On pages 137-138 of “How to talk” (in Philosophical Papers), Austin describes the conditions on a “satisfactory” utterance in speech situation So. It is not quite clear why he opts for the word satisfactory… (Claude Mottier)