François Mottier, President
Ann Schnabel Mottier, Vice President

Senior Management

Britta Matterne, Production Management, Hamburg, Germany
Jonathan Spencer
, Honorary CFO, New York, NY, USA
Yvette Mottier, European Liaison, Zürich, Switzerland
Patricia A. Lutnes
, Secretary, Newtown, CT, USA


Mary Lou Chayes, Pianist and Producer of Schnabel Documentary, Director of Love Music Productions, Los Angeles, USA
Lincoln Mayorga, Pianist, Composer, Conductor, Founder of Audiophile Recording Labels Sheffield Lab (CA) and TownHall Records (NY), Chatham NY, USA
Peter Mischung, Director of Wolke Verlag, publisher of music books, Hofheim, Germany
Joan Rowland, Solo and Four-Hand Duo Pianist, New York, NY, USA
Todd Vunderink, Director, Peermusic Classical, music publisher, New York, NY, USA
Werner Grünzweig, Director of the Music Archives, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

Past Advisers

Charles DubinFilm and Television Director, Los Angeles, USA
Allan Evans, Senior Management: Project Coordinator, Arbiter of Cultural Traditions, lectures at The New School for Music, New York, NY, USA
David Goldberger, Professor Mannes School of Music, New York, USA
George McGuire, Composer, Engraver. Was our first and most influential adviser for music publications. Was enthusiastic champion for Artur Schnabel compositions until his untimely death.